Codify Infotech Faqs – Serenade



What actually is a Serenade?
What can I ask an artist to do in a Serenade?
How long will it take for the artist to create and deliver my Serenade?
How do I receive my Serenade once I’ve purchased it?
Can I update my artist instructions after I already booked my Serenade?
My Serenade hasn’t arrived on time.
I’m having second thoughts about my Serenade and would like a refund.
Am I allowed to upload my Serenade to social media?
I have an artist in mind who would love to be on Serenade.

For artists

What is Serenade?
What does a good Serenade look like?
How long should a Serenade be?
What are some pointers to film a good Serenade?
Do I have to accept every Serenade that gets booked?
Where do I send my completed Serenade?
What should my Serenade file size and format be?
What happens if I don’t deliver a Serenade on time?
When do I get paid for my Serenades?
What can fans ask me to do in a Serenade?
How do I ensure my video doesn’t end up on some weird backwater of the Internet?
Do I have to worry about mechanical licenses or royalties if I didn’t write the song?
Do I need to talk to my label about my recording contract?
Can I split this fee with my bandmates even if they aren’t playing?
I’m not getting enough requests. What can I do?
Serenade has rejected my video. Why?