About – Serenade


Songs are the soundtrack of our lives

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, even your first kiss – songs are always there in the memory, tied to the moment

Songs play a special role in our lives, yet we so rarely get to welcome artists into the story with us. Well, that was until Serenade came along

Serenade invites artists to play their songs just for you, to celebrate those incredible moments in your life together

Serenade was established in September 2020 to let artists know that what they have is something special, and they deserve a platform that treats their work with the love and integrity their fans do

When you book a Serenade, 70% of the funds generated go directly to the artist and their teams. Artists should receive the commercial benefits of their work, because the alternative just doesn’t make any sense

Serenade is a platform built by fans, to serve fans and artists